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Purchasing Supplements Online

Supplements are a useful way to get the nutrition you otherwise lack in. They can never be substitutes of food as such because they cannot replace the natural nutrition and the nutrients provided by actual food. They can never really replace whole foods like... read more

The Paradox of Love

I hope the upload works this time :DD read more

The yellow scarf

I thought someone has to start this category :DD and since I'm not very good I hope that someone else will share a poem here too since the stacks aren't high at all :D read more

Research Group on Performance poetry and/or poetry slam

Dear Everybody, I am searching for fellows who would like to discuss their thoughts and academic research on poetry slam. read more
Sandra Morgenroth

Loveletter to Scotland

I'll be back. For all who miss travelling or go back to countries which made them feel home. read more


I wrote this when I started to come out of a depression I was in. read more

Oh Sweet Love

This was my first attempt at slam poetry, I hope i have done it proud. read more

Meditation on an alcoholic beverage

I used to be very afraid of becoming an alcoholic. When I wrote this text(which should be read like a poem by Vergil) I had just finished a period of two-year abstinence. read more

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submitted by Volkmar Döring

submitted by Volkmar Döring

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