ist ein Web-Portal, das sich mit Poetry Slam, Spoken Word und Bühnenliteratur befasst. Hier findest du Poetry Slam Locations, Termine, Poeten und Multimedia.

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falsos USA (Estados Unidos) pasaportes,

Tenemos años de experiencia en la producción original de quaulity verdaderos / falsos pasaportes, identificaciones, licencias de conducir y muchos otros documentos de identidad, realmente barato para países como, Suiza, Reino Unido, Estados... weiterlesen

شراء الاثاث المستعمل بالرياض

شراء الاثاث المستعمل بالر ياض weiterlesen

fda asks triad to stop production

fda asks triad to stop production The script followed a familiar scenario for the first 75 minutes. Bulgaria, which sends its best players to Spain, England, France and, yes, Germany, had two excellent chances in the 12th minute. Germany weathered both... weiterlesen

A roadshow taken out

gerrard moving on from slip Having Andie on drums was very different from battling that drum machine. It made the process much more organic and energetic. It felt more humane and natural. Carolyn Farb fundraising activities have also benefited various... weiterlesen

after Thursday

giles wants shot at the england coaching job James Martin, Los Angeles contractor, on March 10 submitted the low bid to the Board of Public Works for the paving of Victory boulevard between Hazeltine avenue and the Burbank city limits, a distance... weiterlesen

a listen only mode.

goal systems does the planning and scheduling for gautrain The endless bars, pubs and cocktail venues start to fill up by midnight, from which point the nightclubs get revved up with dancing till dawn. Nowadays an international crowd joins Israelis for... weiterlesen

Two 100 word Short Stories - Wonder Bred

Butterfly Affection I had two items, paper and a pen. The only sheet on the cardboard-backed yellow pad was inked with my last footprint on earth. My hands and knees trembled and my head sunk into my shoulders as I frantically walked toward the parking... weiterlesen

2nd Poetryslam FH Kufstein, Tirol, Austria

On 23rd October we will host the second Poetry Slam at the FH Kufstein. Now it's your turn! We're still looking for some motivated slammers. To participate, please write an e-mail to Be there, when all the creative... weiterlesen

Music Collaboration Opportunity!!

Have your works a concert hall. weiterlesen

Purchasing Supplements Online

Supplements are a useful way to get the nutrition you otherwise lack in. They can never be substitutes of food as such because they cannot replace the natural nutrition and the nutrients provided by actual food. They can never really replace whole foods... weiterlesen
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Hello Malte. I'm from Portugal. For 2 years i've been hosting the Poetry Slam Coimbra. Recently i started my masters research on poetry slam in Portugal. The main goal is to understand what poetry slam means for its community. I interviewed slam poets,... weiterlesen

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Two 100 word Short Stories - Wonder Bred


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