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I want you to drink

Dead scum dare so insult the princess, also drink tea side, Well, today I want you to drink the washing water. "Little princess, of course not Paxia own shoes and socks, her of Xiaoyu Tigers feet in tea stir the mix, and finally could not help but laugh: "stinking thief, you asked for it, ha ha."

South Duanqichabei when Chen, suddenly found the little princess mouth to reveal a hint of strange smile, his heart shocked, this cup of tea is definitely a problem. He put the cup to his mouth and put it down, under careful observation, even a bright white hair, and then look at the little princess arms like a small porcelain cats generally Xiaoyu, he suddenly realized that this cup of tea certainly left a Tiger "traces".

Chen Nan gas cup on the table, said: "The little devil did not think cheap nfl jerseys
you dare trick with me, it seems you are too lenient, I must punish you."

The little princess was shocked, I did not expect Chen south to see through the "mystery" in the tea, her voice trembling, said: "lost ... Chen Nan, how you would like to how?"
"How dare hands and feet in the tea, after all too easy you would not be killed?" Then he stood up.
"I have not hands and feet, ah ... you do not come."
Chen Nan, a little princess pulled in the past, Xiaoyu throw her arms to the ground, but after she left the bed.
Thelittle princess this time really afraid, and fear to the extreme, quaver said: "scum, Chen Nan ... you want to mess, I know that was wrong ... no longer afraid."
Hour south suddenly felt a strong anxiety, and an even greater pressure from the window came in, and let him feel the surge from the bottom of the soul tremble, an powerless, unable to resist the feeling of rising up in his mind. But this feeling disappeared in an instant, the unusually strong sense ofauthentic nfl jerseys
pressure, such as the tide is generally a flash retreat.
, And now he has the third-order master Chen Nan aghast, but allows just that kind of pressure is difficult to give birth to the slightest resistance to the heart can imagine come cultivation is amazing. He had just held hostage by little princess fled Chu, away from the capital of Chu hundred miles away The inn also had a strong feeling of unease, but this time as if up from strong many.

Chen Nan, suddenly think of the Chu emperor's mysterious ancestors that over 170-year-old monster, he looked at the little princess found She had no feel, just looked at him uneasy, he suddenly certainly that person must be old monster no doubt. He felt the back chilly, old monster is really down with the repair for the terror of the elderly not only in the protection of the little princess, but certainly he has ulterior attempt, or will never tolerate him to this.

The little princess looked Chen south face changing, her heart followed to Yichanyichan, and fear of his "animal blood boiling.

It took a while, Chen Nan had calmed down, out of fear of the old monster, he was not too rude little princess.

"Do not rely on little devil in my bed," down. "

Little princess suddenly relaxed, said: "Who wants to stay in you this bed, Xiusi the."

Chen Nan to ignore her, picked up from the ground Xiaoyu chaos cheap authentic nfl jerseys
point in its meal, a the golden underlying strength in through the body.

Xiaoyu just a dynamic, they immediately turned, huge Huqu accounted for half the room, it was just about to mouth the roaring Chen South Shoujiyankuai to earth shoes, socks are thrown into the mouth, then turn just to wash down dirty clothes thrown into it. But this thing is how to plug the the Tiger Xuepentaikou, he hastened to turn in bed bedding plug into it and fill its mouth finally in Xiaoyu issued Hu Hou before.

Xiaoyu's mouth was blocked, but still sprang to Chen Nan, Chen Nan, quickly flashed on to one side, red little princess shouted: "This is the first color of the tiger to stop, or else I grilled the tiger . "

Little princess cried: "Xiaoyu stop Come on, we still beat this bastard, and later revenge."

Xiaoyu the aggrieved unlimited looked little princess one, and finally stopped the attack, when it spit Chen south smelly shoes, smelly socks to nike running shoes
actually vomiting up.

Little princess clutching his nose, said: "Chen Nan you ...... too bad, actually thrown into the mouth of Xiaoyu's such a disgusting thing, you see that it is uncomfortable to what."

Xiaoyu turned into cat-sized, non-stop vomiting on the ground a large water stain.

Chen south cursed: "xx, color the tiger could be so much squeamish, my
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I want you to drink