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Es waren neun spannende Jahre für mich. Aber mein Leben und ich, wir haben uns verändert, und ich habe mich bereits die letzten Jahre nicht in dem Maße um MySlam kümmern können, wie ich es gerne getan hätte. Daher endet dieses Kapitel für mich heute.
Ich wünsche euch, dass ihr weiterhin die lauten Töne und noch viel mehr die leisen beherrscht. Dass ihr die Zwerchfelle der Menschen berührt und noch viel mehr ihre Herzen.
Ich bedanke mich bei euch für die Treue und auch für die Kritik, die Provokation und die Leidenschaft. Bei einigen wenigen bedanke ich mich für ihr ganz besonderes Engagement für MySlam.
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"Und blüht am End' der Freiheit Glück. Dann ward die Tat des Wortes Lohn"
(Wehwalt Koslovsky)
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Forum - General Discussion - but when he was not yet in the league

but when he was not yet in the league

really value me, do not fucking let me do what workout! Workout, workouts , I'll never be shit workout! "
back, etc., or simply got online to see ... ... "
Ask Malmö a number of local anime distributor, the results obtained by Li Yun, no one knows the existence of the comic Captain Tsubasa, Li Yun feel it is a wonder, and normally,Nfl jerseys china, this affected the Japanese generation of comic books, Nfl jerseys wholesale,should not have not yet spread to Sweden, ah, two years after the World Cup, concerned about the Japanese football will certainly be concerned about the comic, this comic in the world level of promotion should be more widely fishes, how could not it? Besides, the growth of articles in the 1980s have now in 2000, Takahashi has begun to draw "roadto2002", how to say here, too unreasonable does not.
"Could it be that ..."
Suddenly, Li Yun thought a possibility, although this may indeed seem absurd, but he had to prove.
"My God, it really is so! This world, it really is ... Is it because of my existence, because I will kill that led to this it?"
Hurried to check the Internet, Li Yun was surprised to find his guess really become a reality - this world really comic Captain Tsubasa, and even the author Takahashi Yoichi, seems to have never existed, the more do not mention Captain Tsubasa game. Anyway, here, there is no Captain Tsubasa did not know Captain Tsubasa, but no one clear Captain Tsubasa nirvana! In other words, no one knows,Wholesale nfl jerseys, Li Yun Captain Tsubasa nirvana is what the risk of him there is no doubt.
That's good, otherwise, if the world is same as the original, Li Yun resorted Captain Tsubasa slay be recognized, he will most likely become the object of national focus on time, maybe even his life is not over, was arrested a biopsy of that really is tragic extremely ...
In the end is what causes such a thing? I fear that this really think like Li Yun, because of his presence, because he will kill those who kill the blueprint - Captain Tsubasa comic does not exist in this space can affect the Li Yun things are gone. As in the end is not the case, it is estimated that only asked that Li Yun rebirth of the gods, in order to know.
In any case, this Li Yun is a good thing, he therefore can not refer to the original comic book to learn to kill, but in the end, or much less trouble later use to kill time without scruples.
"Since Captain Tsubasa was completely erased from this world, it seems original, but also the life in China, Li Yun, is likely to also never did not exist ... I rely on this really fucking complicated, Nike NFL jerseys, ah ... Well, do not think about all of these things, anyway, as long as clearly does exist on the line. "
Li Yun mood figured out easily down humming a song to concentrate fully, although today is a rest day without training, but he was for many years has developed a habit,Nikenfl jerseys,Jerseys for cheap, each day with practice. This hard-working, a great advantage of Li Yun, also he was later able to have a major guarantor of high achievement. Today, he is because of this extra effort to reap a surprise.
"Aurora Manzhang, proficiency, 100%, complete 70%
Unwittingly, Li Yun's body slowly grow to now, the level of his body has been able to allow completion of the Aurora drapes reached 70 percent, according to this rate continues, probably, etc. to 17 years when you should be able to completely free from restrictions on using this trick. Taking into account the "Twilight" itself is a physically demanding high nirvana, so resorted to this trick can be heart, other kill, presumably most will almost can bear.
"I did not have to wait ah ...... wait, anyway, who have waited so long and did not care to wait for years, Elite nfl jerseys, but really looking forward to ah, looking forward to I kill the majestic appearance of the vertical and horizontal track (it was not a bear tse) ......
Wait, wait, Li Yun in this waiting, so time quickly slipped away from his own side, a flash to December 2000, this should be plain, but a surprising thing.
"Why? Zlatan, why would you refuse Wenger refused to Arsenal? I heard that they have committed to your main location!"
Li Yun is really not believe that Ibrahimovic actually end up rejecting Arsenal, even to take their wares, have failed to impress him with the No. 9 jersey Wenger prepared specifically for Ibrahimovic.
"Quite simply, their attitude." Refused Ibrahimovic a dull look of the English Premier League club, "If you really value me, do not fucking let me do what workout! Workout, workouts , I'll never be shit workout! "
Proud Ibrahimovic is concerned, the last time Arsenal unpleasant workout experience has made him very unhappy, but when he was not yet in the league that had their own, so he put up. Today, he has been through two seasons of success, has become the number one player in Malmo, can no longer tolerate fancy his team asked him to workout, it is not obvious or the strength doubt it? Well, since you still do not believe that I have absolutely no problem, I do not play with you, Why Why go, anyway, I do not fight! This is the idea of Ibrahimovic, it is true, is also in keeping with his character.
Very sorry Ibrahimovic failed to join Arsenal, but Li Yun also agree with Ibrahimovic Moreover, Ibrahimovic's style of speaking, to the Premiership really is not necessarily appropriate, Nfl jerseys china,
like him attached to the flow "of your feet technology players, is not suitable for premature contacts emphasis on physical confrontation and offensive and defensive rhythm of the Premier League, Eredivisie, before his final choice in the original history is more conducive to the birds to fly the sky, fish big splash.
Sure enough, in March 2001, Ajax and Malmö After some negotiations, and finally finalized Ibrahimovic's transfer matters, Ibrahimovic himself has agreed to the deal in July, he will be officially joining Jiake Adams landing Eredivisie.
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