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2nd Poetryslam FH Kufstein, Tirol, Austria

On 23rd October we will host the second Poetry Slam at the FH Kufstein. Now it's your turn! We're still looking for some motivated slammers. To participate, please write an e-mail to Be there, when all the creative... read more

Music Collaboration Opportunity!!

Have your works a concert hall. read more

Purchasing Supplements Online

Supplements are a useful way to get the nutrition you otherwise lack in. They can never be substitutes of food as such because they cannot replace the natural nutrition and the nutrients provided by actual food. They can never really replace whole foods like... read more

Research Group on Performance poetry and/or poetry slam

Dear Everybody, I am searching for fellows who would like to discuss their thoughts and academic research on poetry slam. read more

International Project : Alienated Youth

If it is one - you call him /her a nerd If it is two - you call them nuts If it is three - it becomes a team if it grows - its' called a movement! I AM THE NERD! read more

You never win the battle with my even once

Back to the half-court, LeBron James finally blacksmith, break through the Michael Beasley defense, he did not choose to continue killing inside, but blindly confident choice shot. Bang. Jermaine O'Neal beat Ben Wallace grabbed rebounds, nfl jerseys... read more

They actually signed a decade

Three days! Three days, the studio will design a to let Lee Immersió very satisfied shoes. The samples get Ken Lee Immersió I, the factory started immediately stop all production lines to produce another pair of "pride undead generation. "Clamored the 1st... read more

There is now an alien Ronaldo

To see Zhang Fengcheng earnest attitude, Ferguson comforting smile, he For Zhang the future of the wind, but very optimistic about his men a great player, it is every coaches dream. But if he knew Zhang wind is now troubled by outside factors, Ferguson will have do not know what kind of expression. read more

waiting for you As for you

"Include everyone, Jerseys from china,including," AND SPORTS without hesitation."Uh." Parrots, Zhang did not expect AND SPORTS value to the Xiao Han Luo Hao actually to the point where, for a time almost aphasia, but fortunately he experienced, immediately... read more

fear any defender

Jankulovski's defense,Nfl jerseys china,Mark sprint out of the way, and then received a football, the Luccin footwork also can, especially the long ball is still quite accurate, but also the speed and Mark relations the average person does not receive the... read more
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Hello Malte. I'm from Portugal. For 2 years i've been hosting the Poetry Slam Coimbra. Recently i started my masters research on poetry slam in Portugal. The main goal is to understand what poetry slam means for its community. I interviewed slam poets,... read more
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There is now an alien Ronaldo


Research Group on Performance poetry and/or poetry slam