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Salt Lake Expression

I wrote this on the Salt Lake Express, enjoy. read more

Small Town Infinity (YouTube link)

Here's the link to my first poem read more

Small Town Infinity

This is my first post on this site and I hope you all like it! I post mainly on the social media app inkvite under the name Cliche so please check me out! I'll be launching a Youtube channel as well read more


Money seems so key for most these people to be happy But to me following my passion, it happens to be almost the last thing I don't wanna be a CEO sitting at a desk I might always golf or drive a Benz But is this really a life well spent? Its the little... read more

Purpose in this Universe

One Love : read more

Unperturbed view of future's abyss.

Got some cognitive juices flowing and I really want to try and cite out some of my own stuff at open mics, I have no idea what my writing is like. Completely open to one's interpretation, let me know what you think! read more

World of Facade

I am German, but tried it in English, hope the language is okay read more

My First Poem This is very personal please give your thoughts!

This is very personal, please let me know what you think! read more

The Paradox of Love

I hope the upload works this time :DD read more
Sandra Morgenroth

Loveletter to Scotland

I'll be back. For all who miss travelling or go back to countries which made them feel home. read more
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it s great
Thank you AquaEx.Feels good to know that someone understood the message behind.

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küler kopf - nein danke

Axel Schröder

Although You know


blos so weil zeit zu verschenken


Lonley, togever


World of Facade