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World of Facade

I am German, but tried it in English, hope the language is okay read more

My First Poem This is very personal please give your thoughts!

This is very personal, please let me know what you think! read more

The Paradox of Love

I hope the upload works this time :DD read more
Sandra Morgenroth

Loveletter to Scotland

I'll be back. For all who miss travelling or go back to countries which made them feel home. read more


I wrote this when I started to come out of a depression I was in. read more

Oh Sweet Love

This was my first attempt at slam poetry, I hope i have done it proud. read more

Meditation on an alcoholic beverage

I used to be very afraid of becoming an alcoholic. When I wrote this text(which should be read like a poem by Vergil) I had just finished a period of two-year abstinence. read more

International Project : Alienated Youth

„1 – is a nerd | 2 – are the s…bags | 3 – is a team of nuts | 4 – forms a club | Many – is a movement ! | I …. am the nerd!... still. But not too long from now – we will MOVE.” read more
Der Deldinger

Humanities Shadow

One short piece I once created, Its about how our "Inner Beast" and its nature. read more
Niklas Benedum

i asked for this to be a movie

okay so since im not a native speaker i guess this ones not that amazing but just felt like sharing it read more
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Thank you AquaEx.Feels good to know that someone understood the message behind.
*a pig they can hunt , sorry.
Hehe, the language is ok 2 me, but what's more important: The text also is. I really like it, more poetic then most of the poems u can actually read here in german. "Where trust is just sex and honesty the embodiment of stupidity ... Where you... read more
wow! Nobody commented on this? Sorry for the mistakes i make, i'm from germany and not the best writer, but i can read whole books in english if i want to, so i understod pretty well what you wrote :) I think it's a really good text! I've never read such... read more "... there's a train leaving town in an hour it's not waiting for you and neither am I." Irgendwie musste ich an das Gedicht denken, als ich das Lied in Gedanken gehört habe. Und anders herum. Ist nen... read more

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küler kopf - nein danke

Axel Schröder

Although You know


blos so weil zeit zu verschenken


Lonley, togever


World of Facade