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When did you become so open!

Leaning his arms, the Kinji looked up at the face of this sight, authentic jerseys from china as well as the warmth of the body, her laugh, laugh very happy and very happy. Hand touched his Ngok, a little scratchy, and then to his face, his brow, and she really think this is she seen the best of things, each one to let her put it down, could not bear to give up.

Recover to the hand was pulled, closed the eyes, also will be opened, Kinji know he is certainly false sleep, he could not help but want to touch him, so he caught a.

Xuan Xuan Yuan: "pretty"

Kinji looked at him nodded.

Xuan Yuan Xuan: "are you after afraid you look tired."

Kinji: "no, I do not get tired so nice brother, Kinji lifetime to see tire

"Oh, your amusing people, smiling, Xuan Yuan Xuan point Kinji nose.

Suddenly stare stare looked Kinji, "I face what are seen embarrassed Kinji ask side edge touched his face.

"No, the beautiful but also very clean. Only Kinji ...... you can not to have been called to my brother!" cheap authentic jerseys Xuan Yuan Xuan sighed and said, He was already wanted to Kinji said these things, but all can not find the right opportunity, and now they are very intimate, he hoped not to hear that word.

Whenever he heard that word, no doubt to remind him to remind his relationship with her., To remind them that it is done what is the consequences, he really hates that two words, but also love the word.

On one hand, if the Kinji not own sister, and perhaps his life would not know her, did not know her, not to fall in love with her. On the other hand, each time together with Kinji, these two words are a reminder of the two of them.

Hear a request by the Xuan Yuan Xuan, she should not, can call her own for so many years, really it's hard to change.

"Brother ... Well! Just ...... I do not know how to call you, tell your brother, I have been accustomed to, so ...... I ... I ......" mouth suddenly he gave kissed, Kinji look and stare upon him, to find why.

"I do not force you, you want to call my brother told me, Regulus mysterious or mysterious, I do not care, authentic nfl jerseys just call me brother, can not be heard or was when, you know? "

Kinji agreed to holding his mouth, she knew, do not suddenly kissed her, the morning the tooth brush did not really dirty.

Then cover, and then clutching, I pro-Believe it or not, believe it or not. "Know Kinji think what Regulus mysterious deliberately frighten her, the girl like him got a little older, but he did too dirty, this girl actually put the picture of this piece of refuse, and really made him a little gas.

"Do not ... let go ... do not pro ...... really dirty ... Well ...... Woo ...... Woo ..." Kinji unrepentant Xuan Yuan Xuan again angry, holding all Kinji mad pro, who let this girl is dirty, even if it is dirty he wants to kiss her, kiss her.

Two bed heats up, the outside to wait on the Masanobu underground palace when to disturb the house, "Your Highness, Your Highness."

"Well ...... someone was ...... call you ... Well ......

"Do not worry about them ... not allowed to be distracted ......

"...... Do not get up ... ah ... really, nfl jerseys wholesale I accompany you up ...... do not let them wait a long time ...... mysterious

"You call me"

"Mysterious, ... mysterious, mysterious ......" looking at the Xuan Yuan Xuan do not feel confidence like Kinji attached called a few times.

"Good, good, listen to you, to hold you to take a shower, then breakfast together." Pleased to the Regulus mysterious release have been clutching tightly Kinji hand, got up to get their own clothes. Regulus the mysterious Jingzhuang body looked so standing in front of their own, Kinji face again red with shame.

Such as her pressure of cross God come to their own clothes, Xuan Yuan Xuan suddenly pulled from the quilt out of holding, Kinji screamed "Ah ... Why are you ah, Coach Purses outlet I did not wear clothes"

"Do not wear it does not matter, anyway, to take off, might as well not wear well." Xuan Yuan Xuan ranging Kinji I would grab her, hold her to go to the baths.

Regulus mysterious naked holding Kinji really anxious to find a seam drilling to no longer out. I also congratulate the Xuan Yuan Xuan clothed, if not, she really would be embarrassed in this stay.
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