Liebe Slamily,

Es waren neun spannende Jahre für mich. Aber mein Leben und ich, wir haben uns verändert, und ich habe mich bereits die letzten Jahre nicht in dem Maße um MySlam kümmern können, wie ich es gerne getan hätte. Daher endet dieses Kapitel für mich heute.
Ich wünsche euch, dass ihr weiterhin die lauten Töne und noch viel mehr die leisen beherrscht. Dass ihr die Zwerchfelle der Menschen berührt und noch viel mehr ihre Herzen.
Ich bedanke mich bei euch für die Treue und auch für die Kritik, die Provokation und die Leidenschaft. Bei einigen wenigen bedanke ich mich für ihr ganz besonderes Engagement für MySlam.
Bleibt wie ihr seid und schreibt nicht zu viel Käse auf Facebook!


"Und blüht am End' der Freiheit Glück. Dann ward die Tat des Wortes Lohn"
(Wehwalt Koslovsky)
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NBA 2K16 works great and seems stunning

In 2K16, the changes to be able to spacing are dramatic from your first possession. Players smartly space entirely to the 4 corners on pick and also rolls, providing outlets and space for your 2-man beauty this is the pick and rotate. Isolation feature stacked corner sets where the midst of the court is spacious for speedy basketball handlers like Derrick Increased and John Wall structure. It was much too easy to shield these terrors inside past games, as the help never were required to travel very significantly. Now, the CPU can and definately will put you by using an island with an elite 2K16 XBOX ONE plus it becomes quickly apparent the game has modeled their abilities effectively. 2K Sports as well as the people at Visual Concepts are already making one of the better sports games on earth annually for a long time now, and they didn't rest in any way this offseason.
In additional for the traditional yearly revisions, players will observe big (optimistic) changes to sets from defensive player movements to shooting mechanics for the play structure for the accuracy of the particular players' faces. There's no need to pre-order NBA 2K16 in the event you only want that on release evening, but if you determine to place a NBA 2K16 pre-order you unlock a couple of special bonus items for your MyTeam mode. In the event you aren’t getting in line at midnight you won’t likely even come across a line for your NBA 2K16 release at most of the stores, other compared to the regular line to cover. For what will probably be worth, we strongly suggest employing a controller, otherwise you’ll get really aggravated while the keyboard handles (thankfully, it is possible to remap all tips but let’s become honest; you desire a controller for this kind of game).
NBA 2K16 works great and seems stunning. And although it’s not just a flawless port, there's no doubt that the particular PC version could be the definitive version regarding NBA 2K16. The following is hoping that 2K Games is not going to drop support and definately will fix all the particular reported issues (alongside the aforementioned ones). The systems Graphic Concepts has set up for MyGM lead to a compelling knowledge, but some with the disparate elements has to coalesce before this kind of becomes a vacation spot mode. Too much of energy is spent working with players demanding diverse training regiments, and the function isn’t good at checking what actions you’ve obtained. In one illustration I offered any contract extension with a player before I needed a conversation regarding it with him, and was eventually punished for splitting a promise although he had the particular two-year deal at your fingertips.
You also haven't any tools for bettering your relationship with all the press without throwing someone within your organization under the particular bus. MyLeague will be interesting and impressively massive in opportunity, allowing you to generate and run any basketball association and also make decisions with regards to every last depth. The most remarkable part? Your generation, if managed appropriately, can potentially operate for 80 years. You’ll control how a draft is work, what your league’s salary cap must be, how many games in the season -- as well as the game lets you select hilarious two opposites too. I had one of the most fun toying together with absurd league principles, but if you’d somewhat play MyLeague being a realistic simulation, you’ll have equally as much fun doing thus.
There are a couple of questionable decisions sprinkled through the entire game. For a single, the in-game staff still has Charlie Kerr commentating any time he’s been hired because the head coach with the Warriors since ahead of the summer started. I’m assuming the particular 2K team previously had the audio tracks recorded and couldn’t figure out ways to splice out his / her audio when area of the appeal of the particular commentating team will be how natural their particular discussions sound. One more distracting decision will be how Doris Burke, the around the court reporter, seems like a bobble brain. You’ll frequently realize that during halftime and also post game job interviews, her neck will always shake while the others of her person is stone-still. That's not to imply they can't increase going forwards, but I'm itching to have back on to the floor and put everything exactly in danger for Coach Casey... if only therefore i can facilitate a sneaky go on to the Heat in a month or more.
In all trustworthiness, you’ll have to check very hard regarding something to dislike about NBA 2K16. The developers over at Visual Concepts learn how to keep raising the particular bar and just like Kevin Durant around the cover, use each offseason another better than the past year. If only some other yearly releases could possibly be as consistently great because the NBA 2K collection, gaming would be in a better place. The video game looks fantastic, the presentation (as if I must say) is totally top notch, even when it's quite weird to own Steve Kerr commentating on matches where he's also instruction or Doris Burke interviewing a low profile person, but ultimately NBA 2K16 extends to the emotional heart with the sport, and MyGM and also MyCareer's roller coaster, Showmanship sporting dramas are usually beyond compare. cnjose70