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September 26, 1984

Niri buruz

From Playwright to Poet while only 16,
Melissa "Mojo" Rose went from backstage to
downstage, winning slams all across the West Coast of the United States. She has
been featured in several anthologies, including 'The Ill
List Vol.1' , 'Artists Against Rape.' and LitJar Magazine
She is a 2002~2003 San Jose Slam Finalist, member and Assitant Coach of Team Palo Alto: 2004~2006 and has been the editor and architect of many of Palo Alto's team pieces. Understanding the impact poetic expression has on young people, she has conducted poetry workshops with middle school and high school students throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Now located in Portland, Oregon, she hold the title of the # 1 ranked female poet at the Portland Poetry Slam and in 2010 coached the Portland Poetry Slam Team at the USA National poetry Slam. Her poetry has been described as "gentle but gritty" with "a strong empathic presence." as she jabs at her own personal experiences with the reality of a fencing sword .

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nice to meet you in greven on december the 10th =)
Acho - Achim Leufker
Please allow me to introduce myself - I'm a man of wealth and taste ... nice poetry... (Sorry Mr. Jagger)... pleased to meet you... CU at Milagro

Lasse Samström
waaah, my makeup!!
Hey, I'm glad to see that this site has come to the states. Since you're in Germany touring, you already see how easier it can be with this tool. Keep spreading the word on this back home, and keep moving forward and up!

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