est un portail web gratuit dédié au Slam, à la poésie sonore et aux performances. Ici, vous trouverez des lieux de Slams, des événements, des poètes slammeurs et divers médias audio et vidéos



I like this website, how can I support

Spread the word. Tell your friends and invite them to register as well.
If you have your own website or blog you can link to You can find link logos here. And you can say " - Living Poets Society" in any microphone.

If you want to donate, you can do so via PayPal:

Notice: This is actually no donation. I can't give you any donation receipt.

Where is all the content?

In case you can't see any content, please check if you have selected the right countries (in the top of the website). You only see content related to countries you selected there. At the moment most content comes from German speaking countries. Help filling in content, by adding locations to the map, events to the calendar or write a post to your country's forum. If there is no forum for your country, please let me know. I can create one for your. Contact

My Account

I uploaded a new profil picture, but I still see the old one.

If you didn't get any error message, chances are that everything is fine. Your browser keeps images in its cache, so it shows you the old image from your browser cache. Refresh the page several times or empty your browser cache. You should then see the new picture.

I forgot my password. What can I do?

You can get a new password here: new password In the field provided, enter the email address you registered with (it can differ from your contact email addresse of your profile)

How can I change my password?

Login, then you can do that here: change password

What does "homeslam" mean?

Your homeslam is the poetry slam location next to you, where you probably perform most of the time. By specifying a homeslam visitors of can see who is "at home" at their favorite location.

How can I add someone to my list of friends?

By clicking the link provided directly below the profile picture.

Why is the travelled distance not shown in my profile?

To calculate the travelled distance, you have to select a homeslam in your profile. The geo-location of your homeslam will be used to calculate the travelled distance. Further you need to participate in at least one event, that is associated with an slam location. Events like workshops, readings or location-independend slams don't have any geo-location, so they can't be included in the calculation of your travelled distance. In the brackets [] the number of location-associated slams is shown. If it is zero, no distance can be calculated.


My forum post doesn't appear on the frontpage. Why?

The frontpage's appearance depends on user settings. You only see forum posts from forum categories you have subscribed to. If you havn't subcribed to any categorie you see posts of all categories. You can change your forum settings here: Forum settings

I don't want any email notification when a new forum post has been posted!

Change your forum settings here: Forum settings

Poetry slam map and locations

I'm set as the slam master/moderator of slam xyz, but that's wrong.

When you submitted the slam location, you are be default set as the slam master/moderator of this location. Another reason can be, that someone handed this location over to you. In both cases you can hand over the location to someone else. If the right slam master/moderator is not yet registered here, invite him/her to do so. How you hand over a location is explained in the following questions.

I am the host/slam master/moderator of a slam location in the map. How can I edit the location details?

To do so you have to be set as the slam master/moderator of this location. If no one is set contact me (here). In case someone else is set as slam master/moderator ask him/her to hand over the location to you.

Can two or more users be set as slam master/moderator?

No. This is not possible at the moment.

I'm no longer slam master/host/moderator of a slam location. What can I do?

You can hand over the location to someone else. To do so, in your user menu click on the location and then edit. Set a new slam master/moderator and save.

I am the slam master/moderator/host of a location in the map, but I'm not set as slam master/moderator. What can I do?

If someone else is set, ask him to hand over the location to you. If no one is set, ask me: contact

How can I submit a new location to the map?

Please note, that only locations with regular poetry slam events should be submitted. Poetry slams that take place only once (e.g. on festivals or faires) should only be submitted to the calendar. After submitting a location, an administrator has to activate it, before it appears on the map.
If you still want to submit a locations, you can do that here: add slam location.

I have submitted a new poetry slam location, but it doesn't appear on the map. Why?

Before a new slam location appears on the map it has to be moderated bei an admin. Further the map only shows slam locations, for which upcoming events have been submitted.


How can I edit events?

Login, then go to the calendar. Every event that you have the right to edit has a small edit-icon below it. Click there. Also in the detailed view of these events you can find a link in the upper right corner.

I submitted an event, but it doesn't appear in the calendar. Why?

Events have to be activated by an administrator before they appear in the calendar. If this takes more than 3 days, we are on holidays. Another reason could be, that you submitted a "solo performance". These events only appear in your personal profile and not in the main calendar.

How can I delete an event?

If you are the submitter of the event or the slam master of the location the event belongs to, you can delete the event as long as it lies in the future. To delete an event, please go to the detail page of that event. You will find a link "delete event" in the upper right., 2. place, 3. place

I incidentally set myself as What can I do?

Ask the slam master/moderator of the associated slam. He/She can change that. If no location was associated with the event and if it is REALLY important, then you can ask one of the administrators to change it.

Countries and languages

I'm confused!?

It's simple:
On top of this website you can set two different things.
1) The language. After you selected a language all menues, buttons etc are in the selected language 2) The countries. Select some of the countries. You will then only see content related to these countries. All other content won't be shown.

Further questions

My question has not been answered here

Write an email: contact