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Let this be the first!

Woot! First Australian post! OK. There is a lot to say so I'll try and get the majority of it in one go, rather than having post after post where I mostly talk to myself until other people join.

Australia has slams! I know this seems impossible because we have this seriously bad habit of Not telling anyone. It's a bitch (can I say that on this? Oh fuck it) to find info so I want to help by coming out with the main info now. Any further questions IM me and I'll answer you as soon as I can.

Melbourne's only properly held (as in with IWPS rules) event is Muddy Rivers Slam held (currently) at the Court Jester Cafe- 15 Breese St Brunswick, every second Wednesday of the month. The last one was held on March 10th. $5 cover, standard IWPS rules apply. Slam Master is IWPS competitor Poet IQ. This is not a slam to miss or be triffled with. Watch your ears people.

There is also the Ninja Slam, which is the first Tuesday of every month held (currently) at the Alchemist bar on Brunswick st in Fitzroy. This one's a little different. MC is Crazy Elf. If you break the time penalty you will be attacked by a ninja with a (foam) sword. In the second round audience can call on the Ninja at any moment, should they get bored. Scores range from 10- negative infinity but the crowd do love there negative infinity poets so it is a fun night. Feel free to take the piss out of yourself, the bar, the people, the ninja, but mostly yourself.

Canberra also has a slam night. Thankfully their details can be found on the map (where I hope these too will soon be added) Unfortunately I don't live there so can't comment. But, referring to previous statement, should you require info IM me and I will find out for you.

If living in Melbourne and you want poetry, you need poetry, you simply can't wait for these 2 venues in a month, there is this website:
for the most up to date information. Muddy Waters slam has a facebook group and IQ has his own website

(I will be doubling this in the Australian slam forum too. sorry for the duel posts but I can't be bothered writing two seperate pages for the same info.)

I will be adding updates here regularly. Let me know if you're dropping in to any of the Melb slams, you'll always find me there.