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Compete 20.11 – 2nd NRW International Young Writers Competition

Submission of Entries: April 15, 2011 to June 10, 2011
Compete 20.11 – 2nd NRW International Young Writers Competition
Submission of Entries: April 15, 2011 to June 10, 2011

Welcome to the COMPETE 20.11 website for the 2nd NRW international Young Writers Competition.
Thirty years ago, the first North Rhine-Westphalia Autorentreffen was held – a competition for the up-and-coming generation of authors, with prizes offered in the three disciplines of prose, poetry and drama. This literary competition was held until the early 1990s; then, in 2010, it wa revived in a new form (see the COMPETE.2010 Archive) and in 2011, the competition is being held again. It is open to young writers worldwide (aged to max. 25) to take part, to meet at the ZAKK centre during the Düsseldorf Bücherbummel bookstall festival and of course, in the virtual space of the World Wide Web.
Fittingly for the theme of this year’s Bücherbummel festival running the length of Düsseldorf’s Königsallee – Heine’s Europe Today – COMPETE will not be missing out in 2011. Heinrich Heine, the eponymous patron of the eponymous Heine-Institut, was a cosmopolitan and intercultural protagonist – if you will, the first BLOGGER. His accounts from Paris were as witty as they were rebellious.
In his spirit this literary contest, in German and English, will be held only in digital sections.- Alongside the Short Text section (160 characters uploaded to the portal or sent in by e-mail to, is the Blog section (freestyle: classic prose forms such as Short Story, Parable, Fable etc., as well as new kinds of expression, hypertexts, etc.). Taking the place of the live Poetry Slam of last year, COMPETE 2011 will be hosting a Digital Slam: in the POETRY CLIPS section, slammers, spoken-word authors or all who are persuaded that they can read a text aloud effectively, are cordially invited to record their performance on a mobile/cellphone or camcorder and to enter the competition with it.
Good news: for 2011, the amounts for the awards have been increased. The prize in each section will be 1000 Euros. This is with the idea of offering a really big incentive to take part, especially for non-German-speaking authors who, last year, were distinctly a minority. Migrants living in Germany are likewise explicitly invited to enter the competition.
Taking part/ Sending-in
Young writers from all over the world and aged up to twenty-five are eligible to enter. Mail your texts to or upload them here at the portal (, stating the section your text belongs to (one contribution per section only, please. Five SMS short texts will be taken as ONE entry).
Sending-in/upload dates
All e-mails or uploads (in German or English) must reach the editors by 11 am on Friday, 10th June. Ten entries per section will be selected by the Compete 2011 team. At a live event at the ZAKK centre, on 10th June (from 6 pm), these entries will be presented before a panel of experts and the audience, who will then elect the prizewinners (four votes from the panel plus one popular vote).

Please don’t forget proof of your age, and contact details! The panel’s decision is final.

The closing event will be held in Düsseldorf at ZAKK, the arts and young people’s centre. Because the winners will be determined in real time (the panel will be sitting only hours after the official deadline), it will not be possible to invite prizewinners to attend in Düsseldorf personally. However, we will attempt to set up a SKYPE conference circuit, so that the winners will at least be able to be present digitally. Live-act contributions to the programme will include readings by the winners of COMPETE 2010, Maximilian Humpert, Jessica Lehmann and Stella Volkenand.

Heinrich-Heine-Institut, c/o Dr. Enno Stahl, Bilker Str. 12-14, D - 40213 Düsseldorf
Tel.: +49/211/8995986 – Email:

A project organised jointly by
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