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I write poetry. Shocking seeing as I'm on a poetry site. What I want is more than that though. I don't care about money (I have no plans on living off my poetry) or being published (I doubt anyone would really consider me for it) what I care about is seeing poetry regain some of it's strength in Australia. Australians are trapped in their poetry reading rooms and aren't pushing themselves. Though I don't believe that slam poetry is the highest form of poetic art I do see it as a means of pushing oneself to write outside of the comfort zone- write something entertaining, learn to perform your poems, find that off-beat. When you're done look back on the page and try and see what might have been missing before. Performing your poems means you have to think about them. When you think about how to express yourself it becomes more than therapy, and it doesn't matter what others think, it becomes art.

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Come bathe in the Muddy Rivers!
It's on!
For the poets post
Let this be the first!

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hey bro, how's the poetry goin on your side of the world? when are you gonna fly me over lol
Thanks for the props man!!! Let me know if you're ever on this side of the pond.

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